Adirondack Health launches podcast

Dr. John "Chip" Esper
July 7, 2023

Adirondack Health is pleased to announce its first podcast, “Emergency Health Topics.”

Dr. John “Chip” Esper has recorded several episodes discussing various topics in emergency medicine. The goal is to educate and provide practical information about situations we see in the emergency department and help community members make good choices when dealing with potential serious health situations.

The first episode, which was recorded on May 23, 2022, discusses chest pain, a common symptom that brings patients to the emergency department. Dr. Esper explores potential causes of chest pain and describes what a patient with this symptom can expect when they come to the hospital. Listen to the podcast by clicking below.

More episodes will be released in upcoming weeks.

Note: This program is meant to be educational and not to diagnose or treat any specific patient for any specific condition.

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