Your Rights

Your privacy is our priority

At Adirondack Health, we value your privacy. No information about you or your stay at any of our facilities will be released without your knowledge and permission.

Corporate Compliance

An effective compliance program provides employees and patients of Adirondack Health with a means for reporting violations at any time and without fear of repercussions including intimidation or retaliation.

Adirondack Health has established a drop box system, which is available to use by anyone including patients, visitors, members of our community as well as our employees to report actual or potential compliance violations including those involving billing and claims submission fraud and abuse laws and regulations. Telephone calls can also be made directly to Adele Hodlin, Adirondack Health's corporate compliance officer, at 518-897-2892 during normal working hours. Reports can only be accessed by the compliance officer or designee. All reports made will be investigated in a prompt and reasonable manner by the compliance officer or, if appropriate, by a member of the Compliance Committee. Individuals shall not be subject to retaliation or intimidation on the part of any person employed by or affiliated with Adirondack Health. Any such retaliation is a violation of the compliance program and should be reported immediately to the compliance officer.

If the individual does not want to use the drop box or any other reporting structure because of the individuals involved in the report, Adirondack Health's president and chief executive officer should be contacted at 518-897-2301.

Non-discrimination statement

Click here to view Adirondack Health's non-discrimination statement.