Adirondack Health statement concerning positive employee test result for COVID-19 at Mercy Living Center

June 3, 2020

Yesterday afternoon, Adirondack Health leadership learned that a Mercy Living Center employee had tested positive for COVID-19.

In accordance with the governor’s Executive Order No. 202.30, all Mercy Living Center staff have been tested twice per week since Sunday, May 10. It was a result from one of these routine tests that came back positive yesterday.

Mercy Living Center staff immediately enacted the appropriate contingency plan, which includes notification of the positive test result to all nursing home staff on duty, to all residents, and to all residents’ families. Additionally, all Mercy Living Center residents were again tested for COVID-19, and targeted contact tracing was initiated to identify any other Mercy Living Center staff who may have interacted with the positive employee outside of the workplace.

The positive employee is quarantined at home, under the observation and direction of the Franklin County Public Health Department.

Adirondack Health appreciates the quick and decisive actions taken by Mercy Living Center staff yesterday to implement the facility’s emergency notification and resident testing plan.

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