New care partner program enriches patient experience at Adirondack Health

November 26, 2019

Next week, Adirondack Health will launch a new care partner program, enabling patients to designate a partner to actively participate in their hospital care.

Anyone admitted to the hospital will be given the option to assign a care partner. The care partner could be anyone – a patient’s family member, friend, neighbor or paid assistant. Whoever the patient chooses, the care partner will basically act as another set of eyes and ears, both during and after the patient’s hospital stay.

“Adirondack Health’s care partner program will play an important role in helping the healthcare team provide care tailored to the patient’s preferences and goals,” said Dave Mader, the health system’s chief nursing officer. “It empowers patients and families through information and education, encouraging healing partnerships.”

Care partners will be issued ID badges to wear so hospital staff can quickly identify and share relevant patient information with them. Care partners can also help staff understand what is important to the patient in his or her everyday life.

If a patient needs non-clinical assistance after discharge, hospital staff may ask the care partner to help. Care partners and patients will be taught how to do any such tasks before leaving the hospital.

For more information about Adirondack Health’s care partner program, please contact Terry Lewis, patient advocate and experience coordinator, at 518-897-2721.

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