Peter Jones named 2021 Nursing Legacy Award winner

Adirondack Health’s 2021 Nursing Legacy Award winner Peter Jones is pictured at center with AH Foundation Executive Director Hannah Hanford (left), Chief Nursing Officer David Mader (back) and AVP of Critical Care Carrie Reardon.
December 27, 2021

Adirondack Health has named Peter Jones as the inaugural Adirondack Health Nursing Legacy Award winner.

         This award is new for 2021 and was created with a gift from Adirondack Health Foundation Board Member Joan Grabe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grabe’s intention was to honor Adirondack Health nurses for their compassionate caregiving and recognize the skillful leadership of Sylvia Getman, Adirondack Health president & CEO from 2016 to 2021.

         It is awarded to registered nurses with 15 or more years of experience, with a demonstrated history of mentoring the next generation of nurses.

         Jones serves as Adirondack Health’s critical care operations manager and has been with the organization for 27 years. He began his career as a licensed practical nurse and a pharmacy technician. In 1995, Jones became a registered nurse, working on Adirondack Health’s medical/surgical floors, in the emergency department, and finally, the intensive care unit, where he has served in various capacities for the past 23 years. He also holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree.

“I am grateful to receive the Nurse Legacy Award,” Jones said. “Thank you to Joan Grabe and the Foundation for establishing this award for Adirondack Health. I would also like to thank all my colleagues through the years. Like all things in healthcare, my work is just part of a team effort to bring exceptional care to our patients here.”

“During Peter’s entire career, he has served as a teacher and role model for his colleagues,” Chief Nursing Officer David Mader said. “As his knowledge and his experience grew, he shared it generously with those less seasoned, as well as the community. I can’t think of a more worthy candidate.”

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