Vince Award winners are rehabilitation staff members Colbert, Fredette, Skull, and Read

Paul Colbert, Aimee Fredette, Jennifer Scull, and Heidi Read
December 30, 2021

The winners of the 2021 Vince Award are Paul Colbert, Aimee Fredette (runner up), and honorable mentions Jennifer Skull and Heidi Read.

The Vince Award is given annually to a member of our rehabilitation staff (PT/OT/speech/Medical Fitness/Fit for Life/cardiac rehabilitation/athletic training) who goes above and beyond in their day-to-day practice. This is a peer-nominated award and is based on number and quality of nominations.

Here are some excerpts from the nominations:

Winner: Paul Colbert

“I believe that Paul Colbert has contributed a significant amount to our facility, adding an additional level of care that was lacking prior to his arrival. He is beyond respectful to all of his patients, providing excellent care in a manner that is very comforting. He is very flexible with his schedule without complaint, helping those in need when they are sometimes at their worst. I was in fact one of these people, and he came in on a weekend to help me when he did not have to. Paul is also a significant resource for more difficult patients, which has aided in greater confidence with my own decision making for this type of clientele. It is a pleasure to work with Paul.”

Aimee Fredette, runner up

“I nominate Aimee Fredette for the 2021 Vince Award. Aimee overcame a blow to her confidence with the licensure process, and then she hit the ground running. In the past year, she has crushed all her duties as a staff therapist with excellent productivity comparable to her more experienced peers. She has demonstrated a level of cheerful flexibility with her schedule and with using her PTO when census was low, which reflects her team mindset. The success of the clinic and excellent service to her patients are always her primary focus. Additionally, she has gone above and beyond the expectations of her position by developing the pelvic floor program for Adirondack Health. She educated herself, both with and without the financial help of our continuing education benefit. She has developed relationships with providers in our area and in Plattsburgh and Burlington. She created education and promotional materials and established a mentorship community for herself where we had none to offer. Her program is gaining traction as she has expanded her education to treat both pediatric and male patients. As a clinic and community, we celebrate her as she completes her 30th pelvic floor evaluation this week!”

Jennifer Scull, honorable mention

Jennifer Scull comes to work every day upbeat and motivated. She tries her hardest with every patient to maximize their gains and benefits with therapy. Every patient gets 110% effort from her. She looks up and shares articles that pertain to current patients. She welcomes challenges and complicated patients. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her complain about a patient or patient situation. She has taken on the aquatic program, working to make it the best it can be and to open it up to all possible. She squeezes patients in, works past her scheduled time, modifies visits, comes in early or on days that she is not even scheduled to work to accommodate patients. Enough good things can’t be said about the level of care she provides patients, the type of colleague she is, and how much energy she bring to the clinic and her patients every day.”

Heidi Read, honorable mention

Heidi Read is a true team player and goes above and beyond with whatever task is asked of her (and always with a smile on her face). Heidi has been a true asset to our department. She works with FFL, CR and also sees MedFit clients and in three different clinics and never complains. Many patients have let me know that Heidi is great to work with and they enjoy coming to FFL in order to work with her weekly. And I agree! Heidi is my right-hand woman, and working with her makes FFL run so smooth due to her great attitude.”

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