Quality and recognition

Adirondack Health gets high marks for quality of care

Adirondack Health takes pride in providing patients and residents with exceptional, high-quality care. We are neighbors taking care of neighbors, and work hard to make each visit and interaction as positive an experience as possible.

In fact, patient experience ratings at Adirondack Health meet or exceed state and national benchmarks in several categories, and several other service areas have received recognition for providing consistent, high-quality patient and resident care.

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Patient Satisfaction

How patients rate their experience

Adirondack Health participates in the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey, a national standard for measuring patients' perspectives on hospital care. Patients' hospital experience information is updated on a quarterly basis and available to the public on the Hospital Quality Alliance's (HQA) website, Hospital Compare. A similar tool, Nursing Home Compare, provides information about the quality of nursing homes around the country.

The HQA is a national public-private collaboration of hospital groups, consumer representatives, physician and nursing organizations, employers and health insurers, oversight organizations and government agencies dedicated to encouraging hospitals to voluntarily collect and publicize quality of care information.

Information for the HCAHPS report is gathered from patient satisfaction surveys that ask patients to report how frequently something occurred using "always," "usually," "sometimes," or "never." These same surveys are used by hospitals throughout the United States and help facilitate honest comparisons.

Data source: Press Ganey Associates

Working together as a team, our nursing staff and physicians strive to provide exceptional, high-quality care. Communication with patients and family members is a cornerstone of this care.

Data source: Press Ganey Associates

Recognition by outside groups            

Adirondack Health's work to achieve and maintain high levels of quality care has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, a number of independent organizations recognized us for our commitment to the people and processes that contribute to patient satisfaction and improve overall outcomes.

Excellus Quality Leader Award

For five consecutive years, Adirondack Health has received the Quality Leader Award from Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield. The Quality Leader Award recognizes the outstanding work done by Adirondack Health’s hospital staff to help patients avoid hospital acquired infections. This not only improves the quality of care patients receive, but also reduces the costs associated with hospitalization.

NYSPQC Obstetrical Quality Improvement Award

Adirondack Health has delivered babies for more than a century. The New York State Perinatal Quality Collaborative (NYSPQC), an initiative of the New York State Department of Health, recognized Adirondack Health for ensuring that at least 80% of women were evaluated for risk of hemorrhage during labor and - prior to discharge - educated on the signs and symptoms of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure.

Adirondack Health's Stafford New Life Center also scored 93 out of 100 possible points on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) 2015 survey of Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC). The Stafford New Life Center's 93% score places Adirondack Health significantly above both the national average score (79%) and the New York State average score (82%). The biannual, national survey of infant feeding practices in maternity care settings evaluates participating healthcare providers against best practice criteria including labor and delivery care, breastfeeding assistance, facility discharge and staff training.

AHA 2017 Healthcare's Most Wired

Adirondack Health was named a 2017 Most Wired Hospital by the American Hospital Association's Health Forum. Technology is making it easier for patients and providers to interact, thus improving communication, safety and patient-provider relationships. Most Wired hospitals are transforming care delivery with knowledge gained from data and analytics. They are investing in analytics to support new delivery models and effective decision-making and training clinicians on how to use analytics to improve quality, provide access and control costs.


Commitment to quality

Adirondack Health is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association, demonstrating the health system's commitment to patient safety and quality patient care.

The American Osteopathic Association

Healthcare Facilities Acceditation Program

In January 2006, Adirondack Medical Center was granted accreditation by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) through its Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP). The HFAP is a non-profit, nationally recognized accreditation organization. It has been accrediting healthcare facilities for more than 60 years and under Medicare since its inception. Its mission is to advance high quality patient care and safety through objective application of recognized standards. Its accreditation is recognized by the federal government, state governments, managed care organizations, and insurance companies.  

Every three years a survey is conducted to ensure AMC is maintaining a high level of quality and safety standards. Most recently, securing HFAP re-accreditation in 2021 is evidence of Adirondack Health's continuing commitment to maintaining the highest standards of patient care. Because it is founded in the Medicare Conditions of Participation for Hospitals, HFAP accreditation also helps assure compliance with governmental regulations.

The AOA's Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program has been providing medical facilities with an objective review of their services since 1945. HFAP surveyors are experienced healthcare professionals, many of whom are also active practitioners in their chosen specialties.

"The federal government continues to recognize the HFAP as one of the premier voluntary accreditation organizations," said George A. Reuther, HFAP director. "This shows that HFAP accreditation remains a validation that a facility is meeting or exceeding the standards of quality set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).