Adirondack Health takes precautions to protect newborns against the flu

January 10, 2020

To protect newborns from the recent spike in flu and flu-like symptoms, Adirondack Health is restricting visitors to the Stafford New Life birthing center.

Babies are among the highest at-risk group for complications from the flu. For their protection, visitors to the birthing center must have received this season’s flu vaccine, and are currently limited to a baby’s father or mother’s significant other, grandparents and siblings. Anyone experiencing any signs of illness is asked to refrain from visiting Adirondack Medical Center at this time, and visitors will be asked to leave if they are showing any symptoms. If you are ill and have business at the medical center, please wear a mask provided at all entrances. There are no other visitor restrictions currently in place.

If you need a flu shot or a primary care physician, call 518-897-2778 to schedule an appointment at one of Adirondack Health’s community health centers in Keene, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake or St. Regis Falls.

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