Working together to limit the spread of Coronavirus and flu

February 28, 2020

We at Adirondack Health know that the Coronavirus has been heavily discussed in the press. While the disease hasn't reached the Adirondacks, we are closely monitoring the situation.

What can you do? 

Many of the precautions that will limit the spread of Coronavirus are also great habits to use during flu season to ward off the flu and other illnesses. To limit the spread of Coronavirus, influenza and other airborne diseases, we ask our fellow community members do the following:

Wash your hands often.

Honestly, it is hard to overdo it, especially during flu season: Wet, lather, scrub for at least 20 seconds, rinse and dry. Consider keeping an alcohol-based hand sanitizer around for those times when soap and water might not be readily available. Click here to visit the CDC's website, where additional information can be found.

Don’t touch your face.

And, if you must touch your face, wash your hands immediately before doing so. Mucus membranes on your face are the openings through which respiratory infections enter your body.

If you need to cough or sneeze, do so into your sleeve.

Then wash your hands anyway.

Prepare for to stay at home.

If you come down with any kind of communicable disease, often defined by a fever and any other symptom, do your best to keep it out of schools, workplaces, etc. We understand the tough balance that exists between calling in sick and meeting your monthly bills. Just try to use your best judgment.

If you think you have Coronavirus

If, due to recent international travel or contact with an infected individual, you think you may have contracted Coronavirus, please call Adirondack Health at 518-897-2744. If you need to be examined by a doctor, you will be directed to the nearest emergency department AMBULANCE BAY ENTRANCE, rather than the normal entrances you'd use. This is a part of our established infection control protocols. If you don't need to be seen by a doctor, you will be offered suggestions to help manage your illness at home.

Should you have any other concerns about Coronavirus, please talk to your primary care provider.

What are we doing? 

The community should rest assured that Adirondack Health is working diligently to prepare for any potential issues with the Coronavirus, as well as managing the current flu season.

See the full open letter to the community below: 

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