Pharmacy staff offer patients and community members a wide range of expertise and education

Patients, community members and staff have access to a wide range of pharmacy services at Adirondack Medical Center - Saranac Lake. There are also services available to help patients manage chronic medical conditions. As part of the Adirondack Health’s integrated medical team, pharmacists are a part of an exceptional healthcare experience, providing best-in-class medication expertise.

Retail pharmacy

A convenient retail pharmacy is located off the lobby of Adirondack Medical Center. The retail pharmacy provides:

  • Prescription services
  • Over the counter medications and products
  • Healthcare products
  • Expert medication counseling
  • Hard to find medications, not available at all retail pharmacies
  • Connection to the medical record, for those patients of Adirondack Health, to ensure effective and accurate care
  • Competitive pricing

Hours: Our outpatient pharmacy hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Phone: 518-897-2378

Inpatient services

As part of Adirondack Health multidisciplinary team, pharmacist help ensure the safety, and effectiveness of all medications patients are given while in the hospital. Pharmacists also provide education and consultation to patients in the hospital. Services include:

  • Medication dispensed to all patients in the hospital
  • Preparation of chemotherapy and other on-site infusion therapies
  • Review of current medications upon admission to the hospital.
  • Treatment recommendations if necessary during the hospital stay.
  • Education and counseling to patients on high risk medications.
  • Access to contact the pharmacy with questions while in the hospital.
  • Contact prior to discharge to discuss medications needed after leaving the hospital.

Outpatient services

Patients receiving care at any of our health centers and have a chronic illness or are taking several medications have access to an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist. This trained medical professional collaborates with the healthcare team to provide patients with direct support. The pharmacist will evaluate medication effectiveness, offer adjustment as needed, and coordinate access to additional treatment or services as part of the patient's ongoing care. This may also include counseling and ordering of screening procedures.

Services include:

  • Medication counseling
  • Medication compliance tools
  • Insulin pump management
  • Disease state education

Our team

Our team is composed of pharmacists and technicians. Our pharmacists have a variety of education/training and specialize in many areas including diabetes, pain management, antibiotic selection, oncology and anticoagulation. All of the technicians in the pharmacy have earned or are in the process of earning a Certified Pharmacy Technicians designation.

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