Short-term rehabilitation

On-site recovery from a serious illness or injury

Short-term rehabilitation

at Mercy Living Center

Mercy Living Center offers an on-site medically supervised, short-term rehabilitation program.

Designed to get patients back on their feet following a serious illness or injury, our rehabilitation care services are customized to each patient’s needs.Customized treatment plans ensure the most appropriate treatment path is taken to meet a patient’s unique needs.

Developed by our skilled staff in conjunction with your physician, treatment plans set a reasonable and attainable course for your recovery. Led by a knowledgeable staff of licensed physical therapists, our short-term rehabilitation program features a broad-range of modern equipment and techniques.

Outside of therapy, our Living Center Care Team encourages independence and helps the patient work toward their personal goals. Working closely with the physicians of Adirondack Health, we are able to provide a seamless, continuum of care from hospital stay through release. Many of our patients come for short-term rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery; we encourage these patients to participate in the pre-surgery education program at Adirondack Medical Center. Because most short-term rehabilitation does not require a lengthy stay, we are able to immediately accommodate most patient requests.

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