Athletic Training

Athletic trainers provide advanced treatment, analysis and education

Athletic trainers are members of a sports medicine team who have expertise in the area of orthopedic (bone and joint) injuries. In addition to providing excellent care for our local athletes, our athletic trainers also are integral components in the success of our MedFit, Post Rehab and Fit for Life programs.

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The athletic trainers at Adirondack Health provide injury care and game coverage to seven local high schools and colleges for a variety of sports including hockey, football, soccer, basketball, rugby - as well as many others.

All certified and/or licensed athletic trainers must have a bachelor's or master's degree from an accredited college or university in order to practice athletic training. Athletic trainers are certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association and are licensed professional in the state of New York.

Free community screenings

Our staff offer free evaluations to help give direction to people with pain or a recent injury. Depending on the severity of the issue, some people may be referred to their physician, while others are given a recommendation of activities to perform at home. Our trained staff may also recommend you obtain a prescription for more formal rehabilitation services. These are brief screening sessions to help guide you in the best direction. Please call one of our three locations to schedule an appointment.

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