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Safe care, right now

Safe care, right now

At Adirondack Health, we’re here for you and ready to guide you on the path to better health.   

During the COVID-19 crisis, many have delayed seeking healthcare. We want you to know that it’s safe to see your doctor or other healthcare provider, and we urge you not to delay getting care any longer.  

In many cases, you may be able to see a doctor via video calling from your home. And if not, our employees are trained to protect you, so you can feel safe visiting our facilities. We’ve taken a number of steps to increase your safety. 

What are we doing to keep you safe? 

Separate from COVID patients

All patients are screened over the phone before their appointment for signs and symptoms of infections. If a person is suspected to have any respiratory illness or fever, they are asked to be evaluated in our COVID Clinic, which has been created at the hospital and keeps potential COVID patients away from other patients. We will be focused on keeping the clinics free of anyone suspected to have a COVID-19 infection.

changing waiting rooms

Our streamlined check in process means you won't be stuck in a crowded waiting room. When you arrive for your appointment, our registration staff will either guide you directly to an exam room or ask you to wait in the car and wait for a call. In the event that you are asked to sit one of our regularly sanitized waiting rooms, we have removed most of the seating to allow plenty of distance between patients.

Screening everyone everyday

Everyone who visits is screened at the door for COVID-19 symptoms, any exposure to the virus, and recent visits to hot spots. Employees are also screened every day as well. 

Protective gear

All visitors and employees are asked to please wear masks while in Adirondack Health facilities. 

Potentially infectious patients are cared for in isolation, away from the rest of our patients. 

Clean hands

All patients, care partners, employees and vendors are asked to sanitize their hands every time they enter an Adirondack Health building.

Thorough cleaning

Our cleaning staff is thoroughly educated on how to clean to protect patients from viruses and bacteria. They use cleaning products and techniques that are proven to kill and remove pathogens. After they clean a room, they often use Surfacide UV light machines to further disinfect surfaces. Click here to learn more about our use of Surfacide machines.


In many cases, you may be able to get care from your home via telehealth, remotely from your home using technology.

Regulations regarding telehealth have been loosened to make it easier for patients to get care remotely, and to ensure that insurance will cover a telehealth visit the same way it would cover an office visit. 

When you make an appointment, the patient access representative in your doctor’s office will work with you to decide if your appointment is appropriate for telehealth. 

If it will work for your visit, they will give you instructions on how to access it. 


Generally, a telehealth visit will require a computer, tablet or smartphone, as well as an Internet connection or celular service that is fast enough to support a video call. 

Most telehealth visits are done via Webex video calling, though other platforms may work if you have trouble with that one. 

In some cases, a phone call may be an option if video calls won’t work.