Joint Replacement

Regain your mobility

Damaged or arthritic joints can slow you down. It can be frustrating when knee, hip, or shoulder pain keeps you from playing with your children or grandkids, hiking Adirondack peaks, or working in your garden. That’s why more people are choosing to get their joints replaced through surgery.

Joint replacement is expected to be the most common elective surgery in the next few decades. Hip, shoulder and knee replacements are the most common, but other joints can be replaced as well.

A Joint Replacement Center of Excellence

Adirondack Health is a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence. We earned comprehensive joint replacement center certification in May 2019 from the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program, one of the leading accreditation organizations in healthcare.

In order to achieve this designation, we had to meet a set of stringent guidelines, use practices that improve results and reduce risk, and commit to continually working to make our program better.

Our orthopaedic surgeons have 50 years of experience between them, treating world-class athletes as well as everyday people. That means you can trust them to give you excellent care.  

Your surgery

Your orthopaedic surgeon will remove any damaged cartilage and bones from your joint. He will then install a prosthetic joint made out of a combination of plastic, metal and ceramics.

After joint replacement surgery, some patients participate in short-term rehabilitation while staying at Mercy Living Center.

Your surgeon will give you exercises that will work the joint and ensure that your body correctly heals around it. Many patients work with a physical therapist as they heal. Taking care of your new joint means it will last as long as possible.

Our joint replacement program is a part of our orthopaedic program.

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